Bullying Is A Common Problem Among Children And Adolescents

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Bullying is a common problem among children and adolescents (Wang, Nansel, & Lannotti, 2011). Bullying takes different forms include physical (hitting), verbal (name-calling), and rational (social isolation) which are typically known as traditional bullying or cyber bullying which occurs on the internet (Wang, Nansel, & Lannotti, 2011). The purpose of the paper is to examine the situations and contexts that promote cyber and traditional bullying by reviewing studies that suggest (1) increased technology use, (2) lack of supervision, and (3) gender differences may increase the risk of bullying. The growing use of technology is one of the major context that increase cyber and traditional bulling among children and adolescents. One study done by Agatston, Kowalski, and Limber (2007) examined 150 students in two middle schools and two high schools. During the study the students were divided by gender into two focus groups. Cyber bullying was described for the students as using the internet or other technology such as cell phones to be intentionally mean or to harass others students (Agatston, Kowalski, & Limber, 2007). Results indicated three things. First, that students were very familiar with technology (Agatston, Kowalski, & Limber, 2007). Second, the majority of the students indicated that they own cell phones and had internet access at home (Agatston et al., 2007). Third, students indicated that they were currently experiencing the majority of cyber bullying outside the…
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