Bullying Is A Huge Problem Our World Faces Today

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Peter McDonald
Coach Berry
Computer Literature
12 May 2015
While some people may not admit it, bullying is a huge problem our world faces today. A U.S. study from the beginning of the 21st century displayed that about 30% of middle schoolers and high schoolers were affected by some kind of bullying. While that might seem like a small percentage, that 30% totals about 5.7 million students. Now that number seems bigger. There are many different types of bullying, such as cyber bullying, which is bullying over the internet and through social media, physical bullying, which is bullying by inflicting bodily harm, verbal bullying, which is bullying through hurtful words, and covert bullying, which is bullying behind someone 's back, like spreading mean rumors and such. Cyber bullying is becoming more and more common as new technology increases and makes it easier for kids to bully others. Cyber bullying is very hard to stop, because often if someone is being bullied through social media, he or she will be too embarrassed to say anything about it. Then the bully just keeps on bullying because no one is stopping him. Cyber bullying has occurred very recently in a big way, when a new social media app, called Yik Yak, was created. This app made all the users anonymous, so many people soon found it was very easy to say mean stuff about anyone they wanted and not get caught, because the app made the users anonymous. Many people are involved with cyber bullying. About 52% of
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