Bullying Is A Major Concern Across Schools

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In our society today, bullying has become a major concern across schools in America and continues to happen almost every day. The video, Bully, and the excerpt about Flannery from Sticks and Stones have a lot in common and can be easily compared. To some people, the term “Bullying” is a term that has been overused on many occasions and is a term used when talking about an issue that is harmless. However, according to the film and the excerpt, the term bullying has a completely different meaning. The true meaning of Bullying can be described as aggressive behavior that is unwanted in the form of torture, name-calling, teasing, threatening, and utter embarrassment. The film, Bully, shows many examples of bullying in different perspectives…show more content…
To Alex, bullying is just a form of playing around and is something that is harmless because he considers the bullies to be his friends. Alex’s advocates, however, have a different definition of what bullying is. At the beginning of the film when Alex is shown being bullied he cannot find the courage to tell his parent’s what is happening but later towards the end of the film he comes out to his parents. Alex’s parents quickly become his advocates after they learn about the torment their child has been suffering from each day that he attends school. The parents of Alex are his advocates in helping him deal with the bullying. When Alex tells his father about what has been happening at school he gets a response that is typical for most parents of bullied children. One of Alex’s dad’s discourses is shown when he tells his son that the bullying will continue to happen unless he stands up for himself. As a dad talking to his son he feels like Alex should not take the bullying and should rather take up for himself and not just let it happen. The mother of Alex, however, has a different opinion on her son being bullied. A discourse that Alex’s mom has is that what happens to her son on the bus is wrong and should be stopped. Shortly after the parent’s find out about what Alex has been going through, they decide to meet with the school principal in hopes that the issue will be resolved. The
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