Bullying Is A Major Issue Of The United States And Around The World

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Bullying has become a major issue in the United States and around the world. What brought the attention to people about bullying is the number of suicides that are committed by adolescents and the stories they share online or live television. Bullying is categorized to be direct verbal, direct physical, and indirect forms. Not every person has an idea how terrible bullying can be and how harmful it is to the victim. Bullying has driven students to commit actions they have never done before such as cutting themselves, suicidal thoughts, health disorders, and bad behavior. Bullying must be taken seriously, because it results in negative effects on its victims and may drive students to commit horrific actions. Lawmakers should draft anti-bullying legislation, students should stand up for one another, and society should work out what can be done to combat this problem.
Bullying occurs at a young age and it is mostly dealt at school or on the bus. Many people hear horrific stories about students being bullied and what comes to their mind is why no one stand up for them or why no one did anything to help them. The major question is why that student did not speak up and tell an adult about the bully bothering them. The answer is simple, those who are victims of bullying are consumed by fear. When they do seek help, they are ignored and they have to face all of this on their own.
Some signs that a child is being bullied is when they ask their parents not to go to school, have…
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