Bullying Is A Problem For School

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Bullying has been a problem for schools for a long time and has continued to be so. It has increased dramatically, taking everything that happens at school and moving it to the Internet. Pre-teens and teens are the most likely victims because they do not fit in a certain group or the bully just wants to show them that they are better than anyone else. While, the school focuses on only the academic part of the students and not the social, they cause students to build barriers between everyone in order to keep their problems to themselves. Bullying can range anywhere from verbal insults to physical abuse which can include pushing, shoving or even hitting. The verbal insults include name-calling, teasing or using derogatory words. Bullying can also be emotional which may include ignoring the friend or leaving and not including in group activities. It also exists over the social media, face-book, and even at the mobile texts. There might be people who believe bullies are not dangerous because they see it as a game that kids play in order to get attention, with no intention of harming anyone. They might as well believe that every children passes through the stage of “bullying” in order to become what one day they will be. But what happens to those students who are physically abuse at school and that give the report to the school but instead of helping, they ignore the situation and move on from them? Those students are the ones we must consider helping because they are pleading
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