Bullying Is A Serious Social Problem

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Bullying is a serious social problem that happens in schools between adolescents. Bullying is not taken seriously and often dismissed. The perpetrator and the victim are expected to work out the situation on their own. There are many forms of bullying such as physical, verbal, social, and cyber. The perpetrators can have a negative effect on the victim for many years and possibly even life. Despite numerous “anti-bullying” advertisements and campaigns, bullying is an important social issue that occurs at school. Bullying happens all around the world in different forms which has a negative effect on adolescents such as low self-confidence, depression and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Perpetrators use intentional aggressive behaviors and language towards their targets to cause internal/external harm. Bullying has been defined as “intentional aggressive behavior repeated over a period of time, where there is a power imbalance between the person being bullied and the perpetrator” (Shaw, Thérèse, et al). Perpetrators find satisfaction in humiliating their victim and are acting out to receive attention, whether it is good or bad. Perpetrators use various forms of bullying to harm their victim such as verbal, physical, relational, social, and cyber (Shaw, Thérèse, et al). Bullies are manipulative; they enjoy being in control and having power over their victims. Bullies lack empathy and find their victim’s pain as entertainment. Susan Carter states, “research finds that bullies

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