Bullying Is A Social Interest

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There has been a lot of research done on bullying since the 1980s when Olweus, who was a Norwegian researcher, began to study bullying. In Scandinavia, bullying had become a social interest because people noticed that it was a problem in their society. The school officials in Scandinavia did not take action against bullying until three boys from Norway had committed suicide because they were bullied by their peers. This event caused national interest in bully and victim problems. Since, people suspected that there was a bullying issue they had conducted a study in which data was obtained from 150,000 students .The results indicated that 15% of students in Norwegian schools were involved in bullying (Olweus, 2014).
Bullying is a serious problem which has gotten worse over the years. According to Briggs (2012), Bullying was considered a normal part of growing up and going to school for a long time, but that had changed when the public opinion about bullying had changed. Bullying is no longer viewed as a school problem, it is also viewed as a community problem. Government statistics show that 32% of middle and high school students reported being victims of bullying. This problem has become so relevant that on March 9, 2011 President Obama convened a day-long White House Conference on Preventing Bullying and announced the launch of an official U.S. Government website called www.stopbullying.gov (Briggs, 2012).

Problem Statement
Being mean leads to bullying,
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