Bullying Is A Social Problem

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Bullying is a social problem that has negatively affected way too many lives. It is a problem that has existed for centuries, but has now taken on new life in the 21st century. People need to stand up and speak out about this problem. There are too many situations where bullying is "brushed under the mat" and it is time to put an end to this kind of action.
Bullying can be classified as a form of aggression, such as assault or abuse, commonly against children. There are also many forms of assault and abuse like sexual, verbal, physical, and emotional usually carried out by fellow peers, adults or even strangers. These forms of aggression are essentially an abuse of a power imbalance. It is a negative way to use power to dominate, control and humiliate another human being.
In the past, bullying seemed to be a common issue for many people, but not to the extent it is now. It definitely has been grossly underestimated as bullying appears in all facets of life in society and has grown as a social problem to be worse than ever. It not only has become more mentally, emotionally, and physically scarring, but also fatal in some situations. Bullying has become an "epidemic" that is spreading like wildfire through schools, communities, and the nation. It was overlooked in the past and has become more prevalent in modern day due to an increase in technology, internet accessibility, and lack of supervision. Bullies can now bully in person or from the deepest corners of the earth.
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