Bullying Is A Worldwide Problem

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Bullying is a worldwide problem that has been going on for years whether in schools or online. Based off a power point by Laura Rizzardini, bullying is when someone “purposely causes harm…includes social exclusion, and the bully has more power than the victim.” There could many different logics to why bullies bully. Some reasons may include: it is a way to get attention, fit in with a certain group of people, or even that is the way they are treated at home so they do not know that it is not acceptable to do in society, also, because of power. I agree with the textbook, The Practical Skeptic, by Lisa J. McIntyre, it states, “Spencer viewed social competition as a kind of purifying process in which the weak were weeded out” (23). This relates to people who bully because just like Spencer they are trying to weed people they feel unthreatening or superior over, and that consist of the victims of the bullies. All three of the theoretical perspective —conflict, functionalism, and symbolic interactionism—could be used to analyze bullying. But the best way to look at bullying with a sociological imagination is through the symbolic interactionist perspective; which based off of people’s perceptions of reality. Symbolic interactionism, based on a power point lecture given by Laura Rizzardini, she explained the theoretical perspective, of symbolic interactionism. She also discussed the different assumptions that can be broken down into three sub-groups. One, “peoples actions depends
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