Bullying Is An Emotional And Physical Draining Issue

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Bullying is an emotional and physical draining issue that is prominent throughout the world today. School bullying has been identified as a major problem in many countries and almost anyone you come across has a story they can tell about it. Bullying can create a hard lifestyle for someone who is victimized, and can threaten a person’s opportunities in life in the near future. The social climate of a school is a replica of the world outside. All fifty states have passed school anti-bullying legislation, but each state addresses bullying differently. It is equally important that where people develop a large portion of their mortality, their understanding how the world works and how their sense of responsibility goes towards the society they live in. “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” That quote stated by Albert Einstein is similar to the bullying cycle that was created by an American nurse. There are five steps in the bullying cycle and each plays their own specific role. The first in the bullying cycle is the bully. The bully is the main aggressor and is typically influenced in looking for power or control over another human being. Also, the bully is either looking for attention or possess a strong self-esteem towards themselves or others. Next in the bullying cycle is the passive defenders. Passive defenders are defenders who dislike the bully or the actions taking place but will do nothing
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