Bullying Is An Unwanted Of Bullying Essay

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Table of Contents
1. Overview 1
1.1. Introduction 1
1.2. Overview of research topic 1
2. Discussion of main concepts and issues 1
3. Research Problem 2
4. Research questions and objectives 2
5. Conclusion 2
Terms and Definitions 2
References 2

1. Overview
1.1. Introduction

Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behaviour among same peers that involves a real or perceived power imbalances. The purpose of bullying is to hurt others, either verbally or physically. There are different types of bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying, physical bullying and social bullying. Physical bullying involves hitting, shoving, pushing, tripping and any kind of force. Verbal bullying, hurting others by hurtful words, calling others by names and teasing them. Social bullying involves electronic communication technologies to hurt someone.

Bullying can affect everyone. People who are being bullied, people who bully and people who witness the bullying. Bullied people have a depression, anxiety, feel sad and lonely, changes sleep patterns, eating disorder. People who bully, abuse of substances, dropout of school, have criminal records. Witnesses to the bullying. They skip school, abuse of substance and mental problems.

1.2. Overview of research topic

Bullying is a harassment of another person on purpose, is a continuous problem all around the world. Bullying is persistent, direct and harsh during the school years. It extends far beyond fighting or disagreement
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