Bullying Is Just A Part Of Growing Up And There Is Nothing Wrong

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3 December 2014
Behind Bullying Some parents think bullying is just a part of growing up and there is nothing wrong with it. That is the wrong way to think of bullying, and something needs to be done. Now there are so many campaigns about stopping bullying, and I bet in the future there will be no bullying. There are several questions, the first one is, what are the different types of bullying? You probably think bullying is only hitting, kicking, and punching, but there are six different types. There are: physical, verbal, hidden, sexual, cyber bullying, and relational aggression. The first one is the most common, physical. It includes hitting, kicking, tripping,
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The sixth and final type is sexual. This type is the most serious of all bullying. Sexual bullying is from name calling to sexual assaults. Examples are sexualized name calling, unwelcome looks and comments, spreading rumors of sexual nature, inappropriate sexual propositions, graffiti with sexual content, display of inappropriate material of a sexual nature, badges depicting inappropriate sexual language, and in the most extreme, sexual assault or rape. This one especially needs to be stopped. This story is really sad and I can 't believe this is true. Taylor was bullied her whole school life. In first grade no one wanted to be her friend. In second grade she was not getting the best grades, and people called her a dumb blonde, she actually believed them. In third grade she got treated like dirt, she was in speech, everything was hard for her and she got made fun of for it. In fourth grade, she was bullied for her parents being divorced. Her P.E. teacher started calling her fat, even though she was really small for her age. In fifth grade, she was picked on for having a tutor, and she hated school. In sixth grade she got glasses and everyone called her four eyes, and still called her names like stupid, anorexic, and bulimic. Then a TV show and a

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