Bullying Is Not A Major Problem

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Bullying, by definition “is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance” (Stop Bullying). Bullying has quickly become a serious problem in schools, and it negatively impacts both the bully and the victim. Students who have been bullied even once in their lifetime have a higher risk of attempting suicide, and in general have lower self-esteem, causing them to have difficulty maintaining relationships. Bullies themselves also begin to harass their peers because they have been abused or uncared for by their own family. While it may seem bullying is just a normal part of the high school experience, victims of bullying can face many psychological problems. Bullying is not something that should be disregarded, but instead should be properly addressed so that children who are bullied can find the help they desperately need. Some adults argue that bullying is not a major problem, but is instead a fact of life, and something many children will eventually go through in their school experience. Tim Gill, author of No Fear: Growing up in a Risk-averse Society, a book explaining child development: Argues that mollycoddling children by labelling 'unpleasant behaviour ' as bullying is stopping them from building the skills they need to protect themselves…Children are not always nice to each other, but people are not always nice to each other. The world is not like that. One of the things in danger of being lost is children
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