Bullying Is Not For At All.kids Bully One

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Bullying is not called for at all.Kids bully one another to feel like they’re above one another.Bullying needs to be a law.The state and local lawmakers are being a law protect children and prevent bullying.Through the state’s code, there are many states that address bullying a different way. Bullying is in multiple laws,including the criminal code of the state that may only be applied to the juveniles.Out of 50 states there are only 34 states that has bullying set for a law.The states that doesn’t require bullying as a law is Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, Hawaii, Michigan, and other states. There aren’t any federal laws that is addressing to bullying because bullying overlaps discrimination harassment which is based off of so many…show more content…
This could be the only thing,to realize what they 've done. Bullying often isn’t taken seriously enough. It is very important not to allow things like this to happen in school.So, why haven’t this been stopped? There are approximately 160,000 kids who decides to miss school because of their fear of being attacked by another class mates.For there to be so many kids who aren’t attending school why hasn’t there been a change.They can atleast be worried especially if it’s a continuous situation.There are 56% of the kids who has witnessed bullying and hasn’t said anything.Many kids today who will literally take out their phones and instead of stopping the chaos they decide to record it and put it on internet.why?Because they want to be cool, they don’t want to have nothing to do with it but if it was vise versa and if it was them,they would’ve want someone to stop and help them. Kids who watched bullies take action also need to be punished to because maybe,just maybe if they would have decided to make the right decision and stopped the bully;the kid probably wouldn’t have been,skipping school,or trying to commit suicide. The fact that bullies enjoy harassing other students and not knowing nor care about what’s really going on in their life and how their taking it.Nobody hasn’t said nothing to these kids about their actions so it makes them feel as if their stronger and more power;they can do
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