Bullying Is The Third Leading Death Cause For Young People

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INTRODUCTION Bullying is defined as a physical or mental victimization of a person by another person or group. Bullying is a major problem among teens in the United States today. During the 2007 -2008 school year over thirty-two percent of the nation’s students had reported a case of being harassed or abused by a fellow peer. Bullying causes a rapid declination is the victim 's mental health. They suffer drastic, and dangerous behavior changes, mental issues that are similar to these could result in physical self-harm. As of 2007, suicide is the third-leading death cause for young people ages twelve to eighteen. The SPRC (Suicide Prevention Resource Center) said that children who are victims of bullying are at a higher risk for suicide. Not only are they at risk for suicide, in some cases people who are subject to bullying suffer from mental problems such as interpersonal sensitivity, depression, hostility, phobic anxiety, paranoia, and psychotic symptoms. Issues, as such, do not just fade away with time. In most cases, people who suffer from one of these mental issues carry it into their adulthood. Chronic bullying can have long-term effects on suicidal risk and mental health that often persist into adulthood and affect everyday life. Bullying can cause rapid declination a person 's mental health, which causes them to develop chronic mental issues that can carry into adulthood and affect everyday life. FIRST KEY POINT Bullying can cause a rapid declination in a person 's
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