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Educators attempt to provide safe, nurturing environments where students can thrive. Any disturbance to this climate can have negative affects on students’ educational performances. Bullying is one such disruption. Unfortunately, physical and verbal abuse are nothing new in the school setting, however, the rise of technology in our country has created a new setting for bullies to target their victims. Cyberbulling, or the use of any number of technological means to harm or harass another, has become an increasingly prevalent occurrence, specifically among school-aged children (Campfield, 2006).
In this review of literature, the unique aspects of cyberbullying and its relation to traditional forms of bullying will be
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Paired with the lack of adult supervision that comes with these tools, it is easy to see why cyberbullying is so attractive to aggressors. Campfield (2006) even noted the imbalance of power traditionally associated with bullying has no role in cyberbullying. This change in the bully/victim dynamic has led some researchers to analyze the relationship between traditional bullying methods and the more modern cyberbullying.
Researchers have focused on any observable connections between more the conventional physical and verbal methods and the contemporary technological techniques. Li’s study of seventh graders found a significant positive correlation between those students who reported physically or verbally bullying peers and self-reported cyberbullies (2007). Campfield (2006) also investigated this relationship, reporting that of the 119 students who were traditional bullies, 61% were harassing victims through electronic means as well. Similar to the bully/cyberbully connection, the anonymity of cyberbullying leads one to believe that traditional victims may seek revenge by becoming bullies in the cyber world. Campfield’s study also revealed that 57% of students who identified themselves as traditional victims took on the cyberbully role as well (2006). With this relationship between traditional bullying roles and cyberbullies

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