Bullying-Lord of the Flies

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Human Nature and Lord of the Flies-I.S.U.
# 13) Bullies

Bullying is when a person or group frequently harms someone who is weaker or more vulnerable then themselves. They do this by means of physical, verbal, or mental abuse. Bullies can be male, female, young or old. The nature of a bully depends on many factors such as sex, age, and past experiences. Depending on the nature of the bully, their actions can have many negative effects on others. Bullies display many characteristics such as aggression, rivalry, and competitive behavior. Bullying occurs in many different places, a good example is in the novel The Lord of the Flies. Jack, the antagonist in this novel, displays many characteristics of a bully. Many children have been
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When it comes to bulling males and females have different approaches. So what characteristics do bullies really share? First of all, male bullies tend to confront a victim more direct, not only do they insult their victim but they may also physically their victim. Females tend to bully their victims indirectly. For example it is common for female bullies to spread rumors about their victim or force others to shun the victim. Also while male bullies tend to bully people of both genders female bullies tend to attack that of the same gender, female. All in all both male and female bullies assert power over the victim by hostility.

With this said in relation to the novel The Lord of the Flies there were bullies in many different ways. A good example is Jack, the antagonist in this novel, jack originally started off as the leader of the choir boys, and as the novel progresses Jack becomes the leader of the hunters and become more savage and violent. Throughout the novel displays many different characteristics of a bully. Firstly, Jack constantly picks on another character in the novel named piggy. Piggy is an overweight child that wears glasses. Jack repeatedly harms piggy both physically and emotionally. First of all, Jack physically harms piggy, some examples of physical abuses are when Jack steals Piggy’s glasses it disables piggy from seeing properly “His- specs use them as burning

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