Bullying Narrative Essay

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Adrianna M. Weaver
Composition 1
Narrative Essay
My narrative essay is about my experiences of being bullied. This essay further discusses what can be done to help prevent bullying.
Bullying is aggressive behavior that is unwanted. Bullying uses power to overtake another person physically, emotionally, or mentally. A lot of times the bully uses popularity as a standing or means of attack, picking on/bullying the not so popular students or peers. Bullying is repetitive. Very rarely is a bullying situation a one and done ordeal. There are many different types of bullying, the most common types are verbal, physical, cyber, and social. Verbal and social bullying are very similar. Verbal bullying consists of threats, name-calling, teasing/taunting and inappropriate comments. Social bullying is spreading rumors about a person, embarrassing someone in public or at a school setting, leaving someone out or purposely excluding them and also telling people/peers not to be friends with another person for some reason. Cyber bullying is an ever increasing type of bullying. Cyber bullying is the act of bullying someone with the use (abuse) of technology, through
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You need to not be so sensitive." If the child being verbally bullied was to record the bullies, the bullied student can get in trouble for "recording without permission." Also, unfortunately if the bullied student is to a point of contemplating suicide, and carries through with the action, and were to die, the school may respond with "Oh, we wish the student had come to us and talked to us we could have done something to put an end to the bullies." Students report bullying to the school and nothing happens to put end to
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