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The Damaging Effects of Bullying, Why It Needs to Stop, and How to Stop It There are many problems in our school system today, but the number one problem, in my opinion, is bullying. “An Analysis of School Anti-Bullying Laws in the United States,” written by Maryellen Kueny and Perry Zirkel, states that “bullying has been a persistent problem in middle level and high schools.” According to Kueny and Zirkel’s article, “an early national study found that among sixth through twelfth graders, 56% of students witnessed bullying and 71% know of a peer who is being bullied.” In the same article mentioned before, “a study of bullying in American schools found 86% of students in grade 6 through 10 engaged in bullying sometimes or more frequently.”…show more content…
When people talk about bullying many questions come to mind. The main question everyone asks is, “Why are they selected to be the victim?” According to the “Australian Convert Bullying Prevalence Study,” “students who are more likely to be bullied are also more likely to feel disconnected from schools and not like school, lack quality of friendships at school, be less well accepted by peers, be different in some way, have low self-esteem, and display high levels of emotionality that indicate vulnerability and low levels of resilience. When you think of a bully, what thoughts come to mind? Do you think a child just wakes up one morning and decides to pick on someone? No, a child does not just wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I think I’ll go to school and pick on someone smaller than me.” A bully, according to “Australian Convert Bullying Prevalence Study,” “believes that the use of aggression is acceptable.” With that being say many bullies are likely to come from a bad family, they see and hear things, like abuse or name-calling, in their household which makes them think it is acceptable. As bad as their home lives may be, they should seek help so they can work through their problems, instead of causing pain and suffering to an innocent child. Children with bad home lives believe they do not have anyone

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