Bullying Persuasive Speech

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"Fuck, can't a guy gets some sleep!!"


"Wait...didn't i hear a smashing sound?"

I look around and as I thought I had just smashed my one-hundredth alarm clock. I feel like I should get a medal for my hard work every day, breaking alarm clocks......not.

"Wait, what time is it anyway.....Shit! I'm late for the game event!"

I start to quickly gather my gaming 'Supplies' which consisted of soda, chips, extra batteries, headphones, and various other things which I do not want to disclose due to the sake of man privacy.

I hop into the game and start owning noobs left and right while making other players rage with furry.

"Hahah, take this and this. Take a fire bolt to the face! Yeah, thats right whine you squeaker your no match for me
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They are pretty much what you expect, a person with super strength, speed, flight, teleportation, yada, yada, yada, you get the gist right? Anyway, not everyone has powers its like 1 in every hundred thousand or so I'm not to sure, I slept through that class. Turns out I fit that bill. My powers at first seemed unimpressive. A meager increase in strength, stamina, and durability in short I could dish a punch and take one. After some experimenting, I learned a few more things. I was far more powerful than I thought. I had two powers that no one else has in the whole world. My first power, which I've decided to call 'Gamer' allows me to see my stats like a video game. It shows me my stats, health, energy, skill, and you know the rest. My second power, which I've decide to call 'Creator' allows me to create skills and magics. Honestly, I think these powers were practically made for a nerd and lazy person like me because it allows me to be both lazy and overpowered but I've never had a reason to use them. For example, let's say someone has the ability to fly and I identify them. Identify, like any other rpg allows the user to see the stats of others. If I want to, I could also create a ability that allows me to fly and I could make it better, worse, or the same. It all depends on how much effort and detail I put into it. However, soon I discovered a new ability which I called 'Modify'. It allows me to modify my skills, stats, you know the gist of it already. So, I've already become the most overpowered MC right. Wrong, I'm way to lazy to actually take the time and effort to use all these abilities. I love them, and I believe that these abilities were made for me but I don't want to get involved with the world as much as I already

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