Bullying Play Character Analysis

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I am in a playroom with many toys all around. Of all the toys that are in the room, the four-year-old goes straight for the big semi-truck. Why would I be sitting for twenty minutes just to watch this little boy? Well, it is interesting seeing the imagination of a young child go wild.

The little boy with his black and red mickey mouse pants and a white t-shirt. He runs over to the semi-truck, instead of just racing it he sits right on top of it. Since he is about three feet and five inches his legs have to bend in order to move the truck. He starts to make car sound and pushes the truck to the other side of the room like he is racing someone. He comes back to his original place and sits on the ground, he is still making little noises. He
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Then he starts to imagine scenarios of when he would get in trouble except he plays the parent and he makes a voice for the kid named David. "No hitting, David" now the other character, "Okay mommy" Since he has no one to play with at home his age he just creates different characters that are about his age and makes different scenarios.

He finally sees me watching him and he runs right up to me. He doesn't say anything he just hugs me and then goes back to playing. But while he is about to go back he asks his character, "Do you need to go potty?" then in another voice he says, "yes." Then he leaves and goes to the bathroom, but his mother tells him not to bring the toy in with him. But he starts to argue that he needs to go with him. Then his bottom lip comes out and he shrugs his shoulder. Since he sees that it will not work he says, "Okay I put it back."

In watching this boy I have seen things that I have never seen with other children before. I feel like he understands the reasons for us telling him things more than we give him credit for. We think he does not understand but he surely does. By reenacting different scenarios of him getting in trouble and the response that he gave was very impressive. Kids his age are smarter than we think they
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