Bullying Prevention And Treatment Of Bullying

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The Chapter 13 article emphasizes that teachers hold the key to change through successful prevention and treatment of bullying. Teachers are essential where their own behavior and interactions with students are critical to enhance their development. In order to eradicate or prevent bullying, teachers need to be aware and recognize that bullying is a serious problem. Although appropriate action is taken when bullying occurs, this topic will continue to be a painstakingly issue to solve. The Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at Trinity College in Dublin received a letter from a concerned parent in regards to her son being bullied. The parent spoke to the principal and staff members who were nonchalant about the bullying. The Anti-Bullying Centre provides information, advice, and guidance on the problems of bullying. Despite the widespread publicity that bullying receives, individual teachers and school administrators fail to acknowledge the subject as a problem. The nationwide study comprised of over 20,000 students from primary and post-primary schools. The students were given questionnaires which they had to answer about the different aspects of bullying. The results of the nationwide study were difficult to comprehend since the validity of the numbers is unknown. Unfortunately, the inaccuracies of the data will have research analysts ponder whether the questionnaire answers are truthful or unreliable. When the extent of peer bullying and victimization are

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