Bullying Research Project: Suicide In The United States

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Nick Yusenko
Mr. Maloney
English. 3rd Block
March 9th, 2016
Bullying Research Project
There is one death by suicide in the US every 12.3 minutes… Why? Well because of being bullied and made fun of. Not only committing suicide but also 160,000 kids around the world stay home from school because of bullying. Bulling is becoming more and more severe as time passes and for some people this is becoming accepted by many kids and it keeps on spreading more and more. Most of these children and teens that stay home, think of committing suicide every day and not many people notice these types of kids and not know what to do to help. Bullying is a social injustice because Many children, adults and teens are in the state of depression and some even feel
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“Lead author Seokjin Jeong said in a statement that the programs may help students learn what a bully does and looks like, teaching them how to better hide their behaviors.”(USNEWS.) Organizations and learning in schools shows the kids how they are acting and how bad it looks like and the effect it does on other around them, which then usually teaches the kids to act more mature and understand what they are doing. “” is just another example of a good resource and a way that many people have been helped through and taught about bullying. In this website people getting bullied may post stories and thing that happened to them and they can receive feedback and understand how to handle the situation. Post remain anonymous if requested so no one can be made fun of or hurt. These websites should encourage student and people who are getting bullied to act out and put a stop to it by doing what it takes and not let themselves be quite and let things get worse.
Bullying is a common thing these days and happen in schools, work, public, etc. and because of this Many children, adults and teens are in the state of depression and some even feel the need to commit suicide, and teaching adults and kids about bullying in schools and work works to address this issue by showing all the negative effects of bullying on everyone and what is the effect of bullying. You can be the difference and help make a change by even helping one person or even just
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