Essay about Bullying Research Study

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Studies indicate that bullying is highly prevalent in classrooms today and that bullying has negative consequences on self-esteem, motivation and learning. Administrators understand the seriousness of bullying and agree that prevention programs should be implemented. Studies have been conducted on how to prevent bullying using school-wide inclusion programs but no studies have currently been conducted regarding one teacher’s attempt at providing a safe learning environment using these resources. As well, no current studies have confirmed which separate elements of these approaches can offer an educator success. Design The researcher will study this particular phenomenon by observing and reviewing all of the complexities of child…show more content…
The researcher will conduct observations as a relative outsider. This will allow flexibility if unforeseen data were to surface. If this were to occur, the outsider will be able to look at the situation objectively and change any aspects of the study that need to be updated. The researcher will pay close attention to what is important and ignore any unnecessary observations. In this study, structure is defined as the degree by which schools consistently and fairly enforce rules. The goal is to maintain sufficient order that is conducive to learning. When deciding the level of structure necessary, an equal balance is imperative because classrooms that are too permissive run the risk of disorder while classrooms that are too strict can receive antagonistic responses by students seeking autonomy. The student perception of structure will be an important factor in this study. Research suggests that clarity, fairness and a firm understanding of consequences will lead to better behavior. These generalizations have shown to be supported among diverse groups of people and among children from low socioeconomic backgrounds. These specific aspects of structure will be some of the areas in which the research will focus. Structure will be implemented by setting expectations at the beginning of the school year regarding the importance of a positive learning environment and the significance of an anti-bullying policy. In the classroom, students will develop a
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