Bullying School Persuasive Research Paper

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bullying school persuasive paper
Ok. let's start off like this I’m michael garza a student at this school and i'm writing this to try and “help” you “stop” bullying in our school. before you start all the crap of we’re kids you can’t stop it. i'm sorry but sir. you are wrong i came from a school that was almost bully free and let me tell you that this school is not the nice “house you’d like to call it. ok first i'll talk about the bus’s then i'll go to the halls then the lunchroom finally i'll “try” to give you as much insight is ii canon each one.

ok first the bus’s our buses are very much like on the movie bully in ways like some kids get made fun and because they don't fit in or they have a disability and you guys just sit on your thumbs ok that's out of the way how i plan fixing it is you could simply look on the camera and see the kids that start it and take them off the bus for an amount of time depending on the problem they make and if that does not work you can put them in isd now if you'd like i will gladly go on in person but please let's go on to the next topic thank you. …show more content…

let's start with kids in the hall get pushed and shoved and i'm glad i haven't seen it but i do think that if you look you can see the same things happening that led to the Article about superglue being poured on a student’s head and i hope if that does happen you will take the right steps so i do propose that if a student is doing these thing often then you can have a teacher and or officer walk with them to class now if that does not work you may have to go one step further and keep them in one class and have one teacher that can teach them all the would need to

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