Bullying Schools : Its Causes And Effects On Students

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Bullying is a worldwide issue that affects millions of individuals every day. To some it could be meant as a joke but the reality of the matter is that it could cost someone their life. One article written about the causes and effects of bullying in elementary schools’ explains, “bullying may include verbal and physical assaults, threats, ‘jokes’ or language, mockery and criticizing, insulting behavior and facial expressions”(Jan,2015). Bullying is not just narrowed down to one specific remark; it can range from a variety of different behaviors and remarks. The article “Bullying in Elementary Schools: Its Causes and Effects on Students” (2015), studies how students perceive bullying in school, and what does bullying stem from, in other words why do does bullying exist. This study was performed on 234 male and female eighth grade students in Mianwali, Pakistan (2015). These students were randomly selected from both public and private school districts. This study found that the first leading cause of bullying was “power fullness” as described in the article; individuals would bully others to feel a sense of power and to feel superior to them. The second cause of bullying was found to be revenge; students cause harm to other students to seek revenge. The revenge may not be taken out on the same individual that initially teased them but is most likely transferred to another student increasing the number of students affected by bullying. When students are being bullied as a

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