Bullying: So Much More Than Being Pushed Around

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School is a place where you can learn, fraternize and feel safe. Well sometimes children and young adults do not feel that way at all, some kids have to deal with being physically harassed at school. Nowadays the bullying isn’t just occurring at school, it’s also occurring online in the privacy of their own home. The Internet is the main contributor because now kids go on social networks and blog sites, which, is one of their main forms of communication because they are apart of the computer age. Scott Meech’s article “Cyber-bullying Is Worse than Physical Bullying” and Amanda Lenhart’s article “Cyber-bullying Is Not Worse than Physical Bullying” both discuss why they believe one form of bullying is worse than the other. Although both…show more content…
Meech only discusses the issue of cyber-bullying and not which gender is more likely to undergo that form of harassment. She also says, “White teens are a bit more likely than African-American teens to think that bullying is more of a problem online”. If she wants her readers to agree with her point of view she shouldn’t use race in her statistics because it creates more bias statements in her article. In conclusion, Scott Meech writes a compelling article that sways our beliefs in his direction. “Cyber-bullying Is Worse than Physical Bullying” was an effective article because Meech delivers a more solid argument. His focal point is clear in the article and he had credibility. Lenhart attempts to catch the reader’s attention but doesn’t succeed because her work seems non credible. She should’ve have had a more organized article which would have helped her get her viewpoint across. She included statistics in each paragraph of the article but didn’t really give an explanation for them. Lenhart’s article “Cyber-bullying Is Not Worse than Physical Bullying” was less effective than Scott Meech’s article because of her lack of explanation in each of her paragraphs. For Meech’s argument he uses the right amount of statistics as well as other studies he did. Also his topic sentence grabs the reader’s attention, but Lenhart’s does not. Scott Meech actually forgot to mention the opposing viewpoint but his article

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