Bullying, The, And Who Might Be Affected And Why?

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A national concern in various communities, across the globe and has come to the forefront is the term “bullying”. It seems that everywhere on the news you see an incidence relating to bullying. There are organizations that are looking into solutions to combat this epidemic problem whether it may be through implementing training programs in schools or through the legal system. Seems like everyone is being bullied nowadays whether it be in schools, workplace, gays, lesbians, children, adult, transgender youth, LGBT community, everyone seems to be affected in some way or another. I am going to try to tackle this issue specifically “workplace bullying” and who might be affected and why?
Workplace bullying by definition is and I quote “a repeated, mistreated unreasonable actions directed against a targeted individual(s) or groups manifested by either verbal abuse or conduct which is either threatening, humiliating, intimidation, degrade, gossiping or spread rumors or undermine which can create a risk to one health or interfere with ones work and safety of an employees(s). Unfortunately, these behaviors happen more frequently in the workplace than you think. When this happens the confidence of the employee being bullied is destroyed and instead of leaving the company the employee lacks the confidence to leave. The employee finds himself or herself trapped in a world of psychological abuse (Daniels, T. 1-30).
When one bully’s another it creates a sense of defenselessness…
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