Bullying : The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Bullying by electric forms of contact, better known as cyberbullying, has become an epidemic throughout the world in the last few years. While those affected may not be harmed physically, mentally and emotionally they are tortured and some never recover. For youths who have been cyberbullied, it is reported that they have a higher chance of anxiety and also depression. They are also more likely to have problems in their personal lives and in school. Those affected can have thoughts that lead them to suicide and those thoughts sometimes follow them into adulthood. Also, victims of cyberbullying may take desperate measures and react violently towards others. With the rise of internet usage, social medias and cell-phones, bullying has …show more content…

It is described as the practice of unwanted, aggressive behavior. In most cases of a bully, that person is lacking in empathy or enjoy others feeling pain. When a bully hurts someone, especially anonymously online, they get no sense of how that person feels due to their harmful actions. It is said that bullying gives an upgrade of confidence and a sense of control and is the main reason that those that are socially active, or popular, bully others. It can also make them feel popular and feel secure in their popularity. Those that aren’t as popular may bully others as a chance to be accepted or “fit in”.( While there is never one exact or certain reason people choose to cyberbully, revenge seems to be a high factor. Attention and entertainment are other reasons people turn to cyberbullying. There is also a high probability that if a friend or someone you look up to is bullying you will turn to that as well, so as to not disappoint or simply because “everyone is doing it” so they don’t see the harm. (
Contrary to popular belief, cyberbullying does not only affect the victim. According to, Kids who bully others are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, cause fights, and have a higher level of criminal mischief in adolescence and adulthood. There is also a higher probability that they will be abusive

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