Bullying : The Worst Things You Can Go Through Essay

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James Watson
English 4
1 December 2016
Bullying is one of the worst things you can go through. It is where someone who is insecure, jealous, or going through something or whatever is happening and call people names or hit them or just be rude and cruel to them because they think it’s funny but it’s not. Or it’s just to make people feel bad or make them feel insecure about themselves or want to change themselves in any way possible to fit in which is really sad that you think that you should change yourself just to fit in you should embrace being yourself since being yourself and not caring what people think is the best thing you can do.
Somethings I would like to know about bullying is what is the main reason people bully because I know there is a lot of reasons people bully but I would like to know what it actually is because there has to be a main cause for bullying. Another thing I’m curious about is how many people have actually killed themselves or self-harmed because of bullying because that is honestly the most horrible response to bullying. You should know people are there willing to help. Is there any laws against bullying, I know in school there are policy’s that address bullying, because they say to treat people the way you want to be treated but there is no punishment in schools that will stop kids from bullying because they are afraid if the say something and the kid bullying gets in trouble it will get worse but honestly it won’t get worse but

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