Bullying: What Is It And What To Do About It. When You

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Bullying: What is it and what to do about it

When you were a kid, you probably said a lot of things to other kids. Maybe thinking it was just a tease to make fun of another student. But have you ever realized what you are saying? Saying things that could potentially harm the mind of a fragile human being? By attacking them emotionally and physically? A bully is best defined as a person who has repeated interpersonal behavior, usually between children with unequal power over another, which can lead to harming each other physically and emotionally. There are many reasons why bullying exists, a reason may include the feeling of being the alpha dog among a group, influences from home, or just being jealous. Bullying has different forms such
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Not only does the victim suffer from the effects but the bully as well, a study found that when a male bully grows up they are more likely to commit crimes than other people: nearly 60% were convicted of a crime in their mid-twenties, and 40% had more than three convictions.

How is a bully created? A bully can be made from various of reasons. A common reason that bullies are made is that they suffer at home where they are either given small amounts of attention or very large amount of abusing from their household. Children who are raised in a family that have no morals and lack of structure are more likely to become bullies. Parents who are emotionally devastated from their own morals they tend to express their feelings onto their children. A study from Stomp Out Bullying shows that bullies use the dominate role to get relief from feeling helpless and overpower others, poor-esteem and manipulate others with rumors, and have the inability to socialize with other people. Most bullies do not understand their behavior and how it makes the person feel. Another reason is from Dr.Manny Alvarex from FoxNews quotes that *bullies show little empathy toward students who are victimized* which is true, with bullies being defined as a tyrant they show no mercy on to their targets. A claim to support on how bullies are also made can be also from sibling abuse, it is a position where parents give more attention

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