Bullying affects the Social Learning Theory

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Alex Hirbal went to school on Wednesday morning with two large knives this current event happened in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. A school stabbing by a boy named Alex who is sixteen year old came into school with two large knives to Franklin Regional Senior high school. He injured twenty students in his rampage. He also injured one teacher in the process. Four boys had to be in the intensive care unit. Alex’s attorney said, “That he was bullied in school”, but the FBI official dismiss the bullying motive. “http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/09/justice/alex-hribal-profile/index.html”.Alex’s attorney thought that a lot of issues that happened in Alex’s life led up to what happened at this school. Alex is in tenth grade and “He will be charged with four counts of attempted homicide and twenty counts of aggravated assault in connection with Wednesday's attack at Franklin Regional Senior high school.”( http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/09/justice/alex-hribal-profile/index.html” Students at Franklin Regional Senior High school thought Alex was a loner, and this current event connects to the social learning theory because of Alex’s behavior. The Social Learning theory is by observing others and then to imitating them by learning through social behavior. People will asks their peers if being aggress is okay, and if the social norm accepts that as being an normal behavior then people will be aggress with one and other “Thus if a respected person or institution endorse aggression”.
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