Bullying and Its Effects on Our Society

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Before we can discuss why people bully, need to have a clear understanding of what bullying is . It is the use of force to exploit the resources of others in order to achieve a particular interest; which stems from the need to force the owner of the resources and the talents and abilities of others to employ them in a manner expediency. Regardless of the meaning of bullying, it certainly has become a phenomena in the usual our modern lives , and perhaps reminiscent of the phenomena of piracy and banditry historically.

Firstly , we have to know how does being bullied feel ?
• They may think of themselves as failures and not worthy of being helped by others.
• Afraid that their parents and teachers might blame them for not standing up for themselves
They also May be Confused, overwhelmed, scared, silent, withdrawn .

Secondly, There are several types of bullying , when we talk about the bullying we have to talk about the most prominent types being which are :
1. Bullying in children
2. Cyper bullying
3. Physical bullying

Bullying in children
Bullying in children is defined as a way of children to express their anger due to family or school problems that they have .
Bullying in children is One of the most prominent types of bullying .Psychology finds that there are psychological reasons why a child is dealing with the aggression of…
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