Essay on Bullying and Its Negative Effects

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Many kids all around the world are abused by their parents, peers or even by complete strangers. One of these types of abuse is bullying. At a first glance, we might think that it is an older kid beating/teasing a younger classmate however; bullying consists of much more than this. The basic definition of bullying is when your behavior hurts or harms another person physically or emotionally. There are many different types of bullying, which may lead to a victim becoming violent later on. There is teasing and name calling, there is also picking and shoving the kid. However, the most extreme one would be beating up the child, hurting them physically and mainly, emotionally. Now you may ask, how does bullying affect victims? Well, studies…show more content…
In all, if a child is abused in any sort of way, bullied or even teased, they are more certainly to continue their lives within that path, negativity, surrounding their environment with hatred and unconsciousness of love and acceptance. We never know what is going through a child’s mind when being a witness of abuse, especially when they are young. When a child grows up at such horrid environment, they're view in life changes automatically making them believe that this is the way of life. As these abused children get older, they do not know how to control what they feel in the inside and end up expressing it by taking their anger out on others, simply because that’s what they have “learned” in life”. “Abused children cannot express emotions safely. As a result, the emotions get stuffed down, coming out in unexpected ways. Adult survivors of child abuse can struggle with unexplained anxiety, depression, or anger” (Child Abuse and Neglect 1).however, though, the child does not evolve into a negative environment by being abused, the path that could also lead to a young child’s mind into negativity would be witnessing any kind of abuse within the house. “It is true that

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