Bullying at Home and School

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The child in the corner who won’t look at anyone scared to death if they do, he will be hit or his or her stuff destroyed. The child that is yelled at home because they did not do the right thing their parents thought they should do. These are the children that are victims or become the aggressor. Bullying is a serious issue that is taken over our school systems. If you watch the news, listen to the news bullying is always mentioned. The issue has gotten out of control. Children are committing suicide and killing others over this issue. Some say it’s a home issue. Your right but where does it begin and end? Bullying is a subject we have pushed on the back burner and then brought back to the front. Children are being bullied not only physically and mentally we have now added into the mix cyber bullying. This matter should be taken very serious and needs to be addressed not only at school but at home. Parenting is a serious part of correcting this matter and parents need to be educated as well as students. A parent has just as much of a role in preventing this situation as a teacher or administrator. Children need to feel safe in school and have the…

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