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Imagine that you’re a parent of two kids. Your oldest daughter, loves to be active in sports, works hard in school, and has a lot of friends most people would consider her popular. But your youngest daughter has a fear of people. A fear of talking to them, seeing them, or being seen by them. She wasn’t always like this, until she was bullied at school. You noticed she came home and cried almost every day, her tears were more than just the average tears. They were tears of heartbreak, tears that made her begin to question whether or not she wanted to live. You comforted her while she was at home, you called the school, they assured you that your daughter would now be in good care. Her school was shocked by the amount of bullying…show more content…
A bystander may or may not be a friend of the target, but he or she is aware that the bullying is happening. Bystanders can be leaders/heroes/role-models by doing something helpful or getting help! Bystanders can be silent bullies if they do not try to get help. A bystander can provide help by reporting the bullying. There are many areas that bullies can be found, other than on the playground. As a bully continues their life, they are found in workplaces, at home, on the street, or even on a train. When a bully is never stopped, they continue to be a bully for the rest of their life. As the Rotarian president Sakuji Tanaka said: "I realized that by helping others, even in the simplest of ways, I could help to build peace. Our reward as Rotarians is the happiness and satisfaction of seeing a better, more peaceful world, one that we have achieved through our own efforts.” Peace can be made by putting others before yourself, because it allows us to focus our energy on what is truly important. We put the common good above our own, we value the needs of others over our own desires. We think less about ourselves and more about what is best for everyone. In this way, we help provide a foundation for a more peaceful world. Gandhi once said; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” By starting anti-bullying programs, you are doing a service to others. You are stopping future bullies, and

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