Bullying in Schools Essay

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Bullying in Schools: Every second and minute of the day a kid is bullied. Bullying is something that is not only happening here in the U.S. but all over the world. We need to put a stop to! As parents, school educators, and a community we need to stand up to bullies and give kids who are being bullied an outlet to reach out for help. According to No Bully.com bullying is defined as a form of repeated aggression that is directed by one or more people towards another person. One of the biggest problems facing our school kids today is bullying. A typical schoolchild has a nearly 25 percent chance of being involved in bullying on school grounds, teasing or taunting on the bus, sexual harassment, “flaming” on the internet, and …show more content…
Whatever forms the bullying takes and also regardless of the content, just about every bullying victim reports that they feel worse about themselves after they have been bullied. Especially in our young and developing children, self esteem is critical; 5) Victims of bullying have much higher absenteeism levels than that of normal children. Obviously the more time spent away from classes and work not only limits their education and achievement but also takes them out of the necessary social circles, stopping them from making new friends, benefiting from the support of current friends and learning how to actually deal with these bullies. These statics are outrageously high. Our kids shouldn’t have to live in fear of going to school to get an education.
A bully isn’t born a bully. Parents need to step up and help stop the bullying from an early age. Children who engage in aggressive bullying behavior have problems at home or are not getting enough attention and guidance from their parents. If parents take the time to help their children, we might very well get rid of the bullying problems in school. Parents need to take an active role in their child’s lives. As parents we need to teach our children that name calling isn’t right or there are different ways to solve your problems with your classmates, violence is never the answer. We need to hold our kids accountable, if they see one of their friends being bullied then they need to stand up for their friend

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