Bullying in the Work Environment Essay

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The workforce is diminishing because of the economy. Factories have been moving out of Ohio limits causing major problems. As a result employers are forced to introduce LEAN onto the work floor. After all, work is work not a vacation in paradise. This is causing twice the work load on the employees, which is causing stress and pressure at the work station. The employers are allowing bullying as part of the normal work environment, because they feel it motivates the employee’s to do their best on their jobs. The perpetrators claims that they are the victim, not the one that does the bullying. Most bullying cases is related to poor management skills, and lack of self-confidence. Harassment is escalating into bullying among the employees,…show more content…
“Bullying creates an emotional corrosive environment that makes doing work difficult” (Garner, S., & Pamela, R. J.). “Workplace bullies create a tremendous liability for the employer by causing stress-related health and safety problems, driving good employees out of the organization” (Therein, E, 2000). The problem arises as a child on the playground at school with poor parenting skills. Parents tend to ignore it and when all grown up as an adult they tend to lead the same path of bullying. “Research shows about a third of all kids have been perpetrators or victims of bullying, and that child bullies often grow up to be violent adults, said Clarke. Bully victims, who have been bullied themselves (especially by parents)” (Adams, S.). According to Adams the research showed seven kinds of victims, which are as follows: 1. Victims who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 2. Those who intentionally provoke antagonism by teasing and taunting. 3. Those who take on the role of a victim to gain acceptance. 4. People with low self-esteem or who have trouble making friends. 5. Victims chosen because of a disability. 6. Bullies who have been bullied themselves (especially by parents). 7. Victims that try to get attention or get someone in trouble by falsification of bullying. It started with a fellow worker that had to have control in all situations, rather it being personal or work related. We started
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