Bullying in the Workplace: More Common than You Think

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Research Proposal – Bullying in the workplace, more common than you think Introduction The research project that I have chosen is Workplace bullying of social workers written by Kate van Heugten. I chose this topic because I felt that it spoke more to me. I have never personally been bullied but I have witnessed it happen. Not in a dramatic way just small children antics. At that time I wasn’t aware that, it was bullying. While reading an article about this topic, it made me realise how bullying is so common, even in professional environments. The topic itself grasped my interest instantly. I felt that this topic would be a real eye opener to how severe and common this topic is. This research project will give awareness to social work practitioners of the kind of bullying issues that happen every day in their work place. This could be a chance for social work organisations to create support services for social workers within their organisation. Section 1 In this case study the researcher Kate Van Heugten used qualitative research method. This research involved Kate collecting insider’s views and perspectives of this issue of bullying in a social work workplace. It enabled her to understand the participant’s feelings, emotions and stories of their experience of going through this issue of bullying. With the data collected she was able to interpret the human behaviour of each participant. The technique used to gather this information was through one on one interviews with

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