Bullying in the Workplace

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Introduction Bullying in the workplace has always been an issue that has not been given much importance. It is indeed a problem that should be addressed by the concerned personnel because it can result in many health and safety issues, especially when nurses are bullied at their workplace. From the beginning of times, people who are deployed at a senior post to tend to look down upon the students or new people who have just started work. Nursing is also one of the professions in which the fresh graduates or students are bullied to the extent that they feel that they would not be able to face their seniors. They start developing inferiority complex and are unable to perform their job well. When they are taunted by their seniors and preceptors about their lack of knowledge and experience, their confidence is shattered. This implies that when they are handling a case, they are not confident if they are doing the right thing or not. In this tussle, they sometimes do not even perform the task they were really good at and put the health and safety of the patient at stake. Many incidents of this sort have taken place in the past and take place every single day and it is an example of just a single profession in which bullying is quite extensive and subtle at the same time. Therefore, the administration of the hospitals, and other workplaces for that matter, should make sure that the trainees are not targeted by their seniors just because they have less experience than them. The
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