Bullying is a Major Problem in our Society Today

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This is because bullying can affect everyone. Those who are bullied (victims), those who bully (bully), and those who just watches and does nothing (bystander). For example, a girl in school was bullied to the point where she brought her mom’s gun to school. That day in the bus, the girl was verbally abused. She then decided to pull the gun out and threatened everyone in the bus, but she later got arrested. Although she had committed a crime, it was because of all the bullying that went on around her. This is an example that proves bullying is a major problem because the victim was bullied to the point where she thought she had to commit a crime in order to solve her problems. Another example for this is a boy was bullied to the point where he didn’t feel anything. The boy was bullied in the bus, isolated from lunch tables, and spent his time playing alone or with little siblings. When his parents discussed this with him, instead of asking for help, he tried to get out of the conversation by telling them that it was a joke. This example proves that bullying is a major problem because he feels that he should solve his problems without getting any help, when he knows he need the help. Not only will that make the bullying worse, but it could also affect his siblings. Because the bully looks at the boy as a target, his little siblings that will later go to the same school could also get bullied. Another…
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