Bumkt3705 International Marketing Cd Summer 2012-2013

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School/Portfolio: | The Business School | Course Code/ID: | BUMKT 3705 | Course Title: | International Marketing | Teaching Location: | Partners | Program(s): | Various | Author: | Adam Baker | Level: | Advanced | Semester: | Summer Semester, 2012-2013 | Prerequisite(s): | BUMKT 1501 | Corequisite(s): | Nil | Exclusion(s): | Nil | Credit Points/Progress Units: | 15 | ASCED Code: | 080505 | Adopted Reference Style APA 1 COURSE ORGANISATION: 1.1 Handbook/s For full details of programs and school procedures, please refer to the University of Ballarat handbook (http://www.ballarat.edu.au/current-students/publications,-policies-and-forms/handbook/2012) and The Business School Programs Handbooks…show more content…
* List the factors that differentiate international marketing activities and strategy development from domestic marketing management and strategies. * Describe the various methods of entering the international market. Skills * Be able to identify, analyse and provide solutions to problems encountered in international marketing operations. * Analyse international marketing opportunities. * Develop and evaluate an international marketing mix linked to key markets and products / services. * Strategically evaluate international marketing strategies. * Develop an analytical framework to enable the implementation of international marketing strategies. Values * Appreciate the importance of marketing in the overall structure and function of organisations operating internationally. * Appreciate the need for sensitivity to cultural diversity in international markets. * Value the benefits that international trade and marketing activities bring to the growth and development of domestic organisations and national and regional economies. 3 CONTENT: Topics and sub-topics may include: This subject is designed to expand your understanding of international marketing and the role of marketing in an organisation operating across international boundaries. We will examine the various factors which must be considered when

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