Bumpy Ride Research Paper

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THIS RIDE MAY CAUSE VOMITING, SO WE HAVE PROVIDED VOMIT BAGS. Beware, for this ride goes at such a fast and superior speed and is only for people with the thrill for fun!!! You will begin at the starting line, which is the tip of the tongue. The tongue will toss you to the back of your mouth, which will lead you down to your esophagus. You will be tipped over and feel a sudden jolt of speed because you will be traveling through the esophagus and into your your stomach. We will be tossed and turned and slime will cover your entire body, for you are being chemically destroyed. Just kidding you will not be destroyed ‘cause then I wouldn't get paid. Last but not least you will take a nice as relaxing bumpy ride through the small and large intestines
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