Bun Nine Descriptive Writing

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Sitting on Bun Nine The pit of intestinal fluid and decaying food never seems to retain enough to fill the empty void. With a ravaging hunger, the stomach screams with ferocity for more due to the constant necessity to consume. As the thirst for nourishment grows and the cavern of my abdomen swiftly empties by the minute, the need for food is unbearable…so I monitor those preparing. Time freezes for just a moment while I can see the entire contents of my lunch being brought before me. Scanning the whole eatery, I view every detail to a pin within just these few seconds. As the savory meat slab is gently placed on the grease saturated fryer, the metal patty flipper releases the chunk of cow’s aromatic beef like a truck discarding its freight. Plop. The icy cold slab hits the scalding hot surface of the grill before the sheer compression of the metallic spatula takes over. Once the loud sizzle of grease collides with the frozen meat, the cooking process has commenced. Along with the snarl…show more content…
Each crack is the separation of a water-flooded green leaf. The rigid lettuce is diced in to strips of cool and refreshing zest, with all of the emerald foliage compiled in a stack they drip with the wash that was entrenched into their membrane. The weeping of workers faintly reaches me from the back of the kitchen. Each tightly wound onion is gradually uncoiled with care, and then is delicately stacked on top of the moderately big heap. Every mauve strand is rich with enchantment and tingling tang. As the fibers are diced into minute cubes packed with a world of enriching taste, the tears swiftly roll down the cheeks of the attendant’s face. All of the fumes mixing throughout the moist air add a savory sweet scent—enough to make even a cow drool. Few could withstand this erotic whiff and not fall under the trance that it forecasts over the
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