Bunkhouse Creative Writing

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Hand #3
I look up towards the sky and see dark clouds rolling across the sky towards the west where the sounds of gunfire could be heard off in the distance. I look around the cramped bunkhouse and see the other prisoners. The bunkhouse is cold and smells of rotting flesh and human waste. The beds are made of cheap wood and thin cloth with some hay for a mattress. The guards walk in and start telling people to wake up. I slowly get out of my wooden bed out onto the muddy floor. My feet feel cold as they touch onto the earth below. My hands start to hurt from the cuts covering them when I try and get up. I see a man refusing to get out of his bunk near the entrance of the bunkhouse. The guards saw him refusing to follow their orders and dragged
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They are running around frantically turning on the spotlights and locking all the workshops as the last rays of sunlight begin to disappear over the horizon. I walk into the bunkhouse and see most of the other prisoners are already here. We are waiting for the guards to bring us our night ration of stale bread and dirty water. After about twenty minutes a few guards come in with the bread and leave it in the middle of the large room for the people to fight over. I immediately grab a piece of bread and go to my bunk so I can eat it in peace. After I finish eating the small amount of bread that I managed to grab from the pile I take off my shoes and get into my bed. It's not winter just yet so I can take them off without having to worry about frostbite but it is still cold and winter is just around the corner. I lay there in my bed thinking of one day being free from this hellish place and maybe being able to see my family again. That's when I remember that my family was sent to other camps and are most likely all dead by now. The nazis only kept the healthy alive when they first arrived and some camps killed women and children on the spot. I feel a tear start to roll down my cheek and before I know it I'm crying. I fall asleep to the sound of crying and the hustle of the camp…show more content…
But in the distance I could swear I heard a noise a hadn't heard in a very long time, hope. I wake up to the alarms of the camp and the gunfire of machine guns from the guard towers. I look outside and see that it's not even dawn yet. The bunkhouse is full of panicked people running around looking for cover and trying to find their loved ones. I jump off my bunk and put on my shoes as fast as I can. I run to the door of the bunkhouse and swing it open as fast as I can. The first thing I see is a flaming jeep outside the door. I look up towards the sky and see planes having dogfights above us as the ground forces of this unknown force move towards the gate with an army of tanks. The gates fall easily to the much more heavily armed force of the force that is now pushing deep inside of the camp. I run to cover nearby as an axis jeep drives by the bunkhouse shooting at the fast advancing force. After the jeep had passed I run towards a place where I can see who the force is. The sound of explosions and gunfire fills the air as I run towards the gate. When I get to the supply building that is right next to the gate I climb on top of it. I look towards the closest tank and realize that the force that is taking the camp over is the American
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