Bunnings’ Warehouse Future Strategic Plan Essays

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Bunnings ranks the first in hardware and home improvement market with large occupation of the market and presents quite good in the industry. On the basis of the past and current experience, Bunnings sets up its strategy to provide products with lowest prices and best service for customers. In the process of external environment analysis, we find that the whole industry is going through continue growing with high future profitability in the next few years. However, ever Bunnings doing downstream vertical integration to maximize the profit, it will still be faced with low to medium level negative influence by remote environment. In the internal analysis, we identify the leader strategy adopted by Bunnings through 5Qs methods, outline major interests and expectation for several key stakeholders, describe the low cost as its strategic capability by passing three tests, evaluate its’ performance on four perspectives by the Kaplan and Norton’s balanced scorecard approach, and distinguish the fierce competition from Mitre, Danks and Woolworths. As for the gap analysis part, three areas are targeted between Bunnings’ strategy and its existing performance analysed above. We also offer recommendations for each gap. In the last part, two strategic options, production development and market penetration, are chosen to apply Bunnings’ strategy into actual implementation stage. In production development option, employee understanding, customer satisfaction and

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