Burberry : A Brand Image

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Burberry manufactures a fashion catalogue, fragrance and cosmetic collection. The brand maintains a strong British identity and has built a reputation for its authenticity, originality and craftsmanship. It is widely renowned for its trademark checked print trench coat and ‘prorsum’ horse logo. Being a brand that is globally franchised, Burberry has reinforced its brand image defined by authentic British heritage, remaining relevant and ‘current’ within the fashion industry through use of digital media and its core principles of quality and classic style, expressed in the iconic outerwear. 87
Ethos/ Brand Story
Burberry is highly associated with remaining characteristically British. The brand has created a reputation for being trusting and entrepreneurial with a pure brand vision, its core values are focused into three words: ‘Protect, Explore, Inspire’. Burberry puts a lot of focus into its trademarks whilst also modernising its image through innovative digital media. The Equestrian Knight ‘prorsum’ Logo was founded in 1904, the Latin word ‘prorsum’ means ‘forwards’, this communicates the idea of the constant innovation of Burberry and its reinvention in order to remain modern within the fashion industry whilst keeping to its authentic brand story. As explained in the video ‘Authentic Branding for a Global Audience: Angela Ahrendts’ the brand strongly communicates the idea of customer loyalty, emotiveness and innovation. 100
Engagement with audience and the consumer

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