Burberry Brand Life Cycle : Burberry Essay

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Burberry Brand life cycle Introduction (1956~1900s) The history of Burberry started in 1856 by dress maker Thomas Burberry. His store had developed a reputation for selling a quality range of outerwear By 1870 and the success of Burberry was accelerated with the invention of innovative fabric ‘gabardine’ in 1880 Growth (1910s~1950s) During the WWⅠ(1914~18) Burberry was commissioned by the war office to design a new uniform for the British officers and it is the origin of Burberry’s iconic trench coat and the trademark Burberry Check pattern. In 1960s, Burberry trench coat was worn by top celebrities in popular movies and Burberry’s fame became further higher accordingly. Maturity (1960s~ mid1990s) From 1967 Check used for umbrellas, scarves, luggage (Barton and Pratley, 2014). At mid-1980s, exports constituted two third of company’s sales mainly to American and Asian consumers those who desired ‘Britishness’. Burberry started licensing without controlling quality and the market was flooded with Burberry check. Therefore, the luxury heritage of the company had been severely affected Decline (mid 1990s~mid 2000s) Due to the indiscreet licensing, the market is flooded with dowdy Burberrys covered with check. Also the credibility of Burberry were damaged by ‘Chav’ generation symbolizing themselves with Burberry check. When Rose Marie Bravo joined Burberry as a CEO in 1997, major department stores Harvey Nichols and Selfridges did not even stock Burberry ranges, and Harrods

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