Burberry Case Study

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Framework: 2 Step: 1 Comprehend case situation Burberry is a famous British originated fashion and luxury company that launched its first product in 1900. It had been a well-established luxury brand for wealthy middle-class people for several decades until 1980 when the company started making losses because of its old-fashioned products. To avoid further losses, its CEO Rosemary Bravo revamp it with modern feel and soon its popularity grew among hip-hop artists and football fans. This Burberry strategy to embrace new age resulted in loss of core customers, sales loss many more. Now, we are going to identify the problems, generate solutions, evaluate and select one problem and provide our arguments along with their counter-arguments and…show more content…
VOIP reduces call charges and ultimately minimizes communication expenses a lot. (Stuart Taylor, 2007) 2. This technology provides all the branches of the company to get connected under single network and officials attend conferences through video tele-conferencing which definitely saves the company’s travelling expenses. (Stuart Taylor, 2007) 3. Features like caller id, call waiting and voice mail that comes along with this modern technology helps both the company and its customers to save valuable time and call charges. (Stuart Taylor, 2007) Argument 3: Customer loyalty can be increased by some tricky but fast usage of modern technology. Supporting points: 1. Encouraging customer complaints during their online purchase shows a company’s caring attitude towards its customers. (Joanne F. Gucwa, 1999) 2. E-mailing mini-surveys to the customers asking about their opinions, likings, disliking regarding specific products helps to achieve customer loyalty. (Joanne F. Gucwa, 1999) 3. The online purchase discounts in membership benefits attracts the interested consumers to join membership. (Lauren Gibbons Paul, 2010) Counter Argument 1: Violation of privacy is a great threat to the companies that provide online customer services. Supporting points: 1. Cell phone signal interceptions can cause troubles to the customers. (Steven Murr, 2006) 2. Because of email and personal information file hacking, customers as well as company’s once private information can become

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