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1.0 OVERVIEW OF THE CASE Overall, this case illustrates how the former Burberry Chief Executive Director (CEO), Rose Marie Bravo who stepped in as CEO in 1997, has succeeded in revitalising and revamping the company to become more successful in term of profitability and marketability. This case was took place in year 2003 whereby Ms. Bravo had successfully turned around a fading company to a rejuvenated highly profitable company and had gained their competitive advantage in luxury brand after facing disastrous situation for almost two decades (from 1970’s to 1998). She had led the brand to mass market success through marketing mix strategies by developing product diversification, adopting new promotional campaign and expanding new…show more content…
Prorsum price range is the highest among the three Burberry brands that cost up to £7,000. Prada made the closest competitor to Burberry Prorsum as they position their brand as modern, sophisticated, stylistic and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Whilst, Prorsum positioned itself as a premium collection, Burberry London is something like bridge line between Prorsum and Brit. The price and quality are between Prorsum and Brit. The collection is meant for easy to work that is suitable to be worn at work and fitting the body tight. The closest competitor for this type of product category is Giorgio Armani that carries the same brand positioning as Burberry London. The casual wear range is named as Burberry Brit that competing closely with Polo Ralph Lauren which targeting younger customer and offer accessible and affordable pricing. Despite the point of parity that Burberry product has shown with its Global competitors, it shows point of difference, which cannot be copied by others and has its own competitive advantage where it portrays a heritage british luxury brand and it is the only one that has iconic checked pattern that shows its exclusivity. Table below shows the details of every category : Brands Price Range Key Features Marketing Strategies Closest Global Competitors Point of Parity Point of Difference Burberry Prorsum Up to £7000 High-end couture & Runway fashion Exclusive

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